The benefit of being in the Caribbean, on a small island full to the brim with excellent eateries, outdoor activities and fresh ocean air, adds a quality of life that is unachievable in other jurisdictions.

Cayman’s hospitality sector is simply outstanding. From the bars, restaurants, hotels and resorts from the biggest brands to independent operations, Cayman is known for its high-end service, culinary excellence and Caribbean fun to boot. With a predominantly American tourist profile, the service industry professionals are expected to deliver the highest standards.

There are too many roles available within this industry to list – but Cayman recruits the best resort managers, servers, administrators, chefs, business development managers and customer relations managers, please see our jobs page for what is available at the moment. The opportunity in Cayman is endless for hospitality industry professionals, with the opportunity to combine Cayman Kind and some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, with the natural heritage of this unique Caribbean country.

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