What sets us apart? We offer the highest caliber of candidates, with a unique and specific approach to your business needs. Learn why we are unique below.

Affinity is a full-service recruitment agency based in the Cayman Islands. The team at Affinity excels in placing the right people in the right roles. We also specialize in handling Cayman immigration procedures from start to finish, which is a considerable part of the employment process in the Cayman Islands. Affinity’s expertise in handling all aspects of the recruitment process ensures hiring new people is stress-free for our clients and as seamless as possible for the candidates.

What sets us apart from the competition?

We’re a boutique agency, meaning you get a responsive, highly efficient and professional service. We’re well connected and passionate about keeping our clients happy. We value our clients and continually search for ways to innovate and build upon our longstanding relationships. We offer competitive rates in all areas of our business and are focused on delivering suited, ideal candidates. Through every interaction with our proactive team, you will realize the extent of our professionalism. We believe that ‘Short Lists’ are just that – the best and most suitable candidates for your position. At Affinity we put forward the top 3-4 well-matched resumes. Our goal is to find the right candidate for you and we take pride in matching suitable candidates with our clients.

Our services include:

Why Affinity?

We expect more out of our staff and candidates, therefore you can expect more from us. Our clients tell us our high standards set us apart. We want to get it right every time and we strive to be immediately responsive to our clients’ needs – we do so with professionalism at all times, but also apply our own personal touch. We work with clients as a cohesive team, listening to their business needs and requirements from staffing. We have developed a disciplined approach to our recruitment process and we only recruit individuals with the best skills and experience of the highest caliber. We continually grow our contact database, using the most cutting edge industry technology and good old-fashioned people skills.

At Affinity we understand the challenges you face in recruiting the right staff for your business. We are here to take away that hassle, give you peace of mind and provide you with cost effective solutions for your recruitment needs.