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Discover a little more about the key Cayman markets, what it is like to work in Cayman, and the Cayman way of life.

As the 5th largest financial center and one of the most sought after tourist destinations, the Cayman Islands are a popular location for professionals in the financial, legal and accounting industries to seek out work.

Getting that first job in Cayman is not easy however, especially if you are applying for a role from abroad, as the Islands benefit from a strong and educated local workforce. There are however numerous roles that need filling and as such, it is possible to secure work in Cayman, as long as you are prepared to be flexible and have the patience required to wait for the right opportunity.

It is important to note that strict immigration laws are in place to ensure that Caymanians, their spouses, Permanent Residents and existing residents are given preference for any available position. Please see our page on Cayman Work Permits.

Once you have successfully secured work in Cayman, you will experience a healthy work/life balance, spending more time with your family or out doing your favourite activities. There is no commute! And the sun and sea are very tempting at the end of your working week. The corporate office is a collaborative and professional scene, and being welcoming is a way of life. Caymanians are always willing to offer assistance, even if they have just met you – “CaymanKind”.

Work in Cayman means working in a diverse workplace. Your colleagues are Caymanian, or Canadian, British, Australian or even South African. There is always a new sport to get familiar with, a national holiday to celebrate, or a new traditional meal to try. Working here means living an international lifestyle, meeting people from all corners of the globe and embracing the expat life to the fullest.

Work in Cayman is set in a more relaxed atmosphere when compared to the fast paced lifestyle some of us are used to, coming from Europe or North America. Things take a little longer to process, for example, your internet connection can take up to 10 days to be installed. However, things do get done, one must simply adjust to “Cayman time”.

To find work in Cayman contact our experienced recruiters.

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