Management Training & Development

Management Training & Development

Our management training & development programmes are aimed at both established and aspiring managers.  At Affinity Consulting we understand the challenges that come with shifting from individual to team focus, and the impact that targeted management training can have on both confidence & ability.  We aim to support managers to develop their people management skills, enhance task management capability and boost confidence.

Our management training & development programmes unlock the potential of existing and aspiring managers, and provides the tools and framework to create highly engaged, productive teams.

At Affinity Consulting, we tailor our approach to provide a solution that is unique to the needs of each management team. Typically, the most impactful solutions involve a mixture of individual management coaching along with interactive management workshops.

Our management training & development programmes include:

  • Individual & Group Coaching
  • Interactive Management Development Workshops
  • Team Strategy Workshops

Common training themes include:

  • Foundation coaching skills for Managers;
  • SMART Personal & Organizational Goal Alignment;
  • Building trust & team culture;
  • Unconscious Bias Training;
  • Managing challenging situations and/or people;
  • Building Resilience at work;
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace;
  • Prioritizing, Time Management & Delegation;
  • Giving & Receiving feedback;
  • Managing Imposter Syndrome.

All coaching & training can be facilitated in-person or online to accommodate global teams.

Whether an organization is looking for management training or coaching support with active people challenges, our network of expert coaches and consultants will provide bespoke and impactful solutions to suit business needs. For further information on any of our Executive Coaching, Management Training or People Consulting solutions, please contact [email protected].