Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

At Affinity Coaching & Consulting we believe in unleashing the uncapped potential of people through High-Performance Executive Coaching. Our aim throughout our Executive Coaching Programmes & People First Consultancy work, is to create space for individuals, teams and organizations to grow.

Our Executive Coaching team is led by Francesca Hernandez. Francesca has over 10 years of Executive Coaching experience & 15 years within People Strategy, Consulting & Development. She has a particular interest in both employee engagement and management development, and enjoys creating high-performing individuals & teams. With a background in Recruitment & Talent Acquisition, having been Managing Director of a successful London based Recruitment firm, her entire career has been within the People & HR space. In recent years Francesca has provided strategic People Coaching & Consulting services with a focus on building winning cultures, employee enablement and ultimately, unleashing human potential.

The Affinity Coaching team believe in making a positive impact through raising awareness, challenging perceptions & encouraging a growth mindset. Through these actions, we help to create empowered individuals, engaged workforces and impactful leadership teams.

We offer Individual & Group Executive Coaching, and specialize in the following areas:

  • Management Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • High-Performance Coaching
  • Employee Enablement Coaching
  • Coaching through Transition
  • Career Coaching

Executive Coaching can be facilitated both online and in-person.  All in-person coaching sessions must be completed in an off-site, independent space.  Our Executive Coaching team all coach to standards set out in the EMCC & ICF Code of Ethics.

Whether an organization is looking for coaching support with active people challenges, or looking to review and improve employee experience, our network of expert coaches and consultants will provide bespoke and impactful solutions to suit business needs.  For further information on any of our Executive Coaching, Management Training or People Consulting solutions, please contact [email protected].