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Why the time for Compassionate Leadership & Management Training is now

A new study by The Workforce Institute at UKG which included the data of 3,400 people across 10 countries, found that 69% of people felt their managers had the largest impact on their mental health.  This was greater than the impact of …
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Business Success Coaching Program – Thrive in 2023

Cost: $675 *Limited availability This 3-month booster coaching programme allows participants to pause and reflect on the challenges of 2022 & create tangible, actionable goals to strive for in the year ahead. We will raise awareness, encourage curiosity & move …
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Developing a Coaching Culture to Recession-Proof Retention & Improve Employee Engagement

During tough economic times, organisations need to ensure they not only retain key team members, but that their employees remain motivated.  This is no mean feat with international economic screws tightening and many employees becoming increasingly concerned about job security.  …
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Could hiring candidates to ‘fit’ company culture be limiting growth?

“The last candidate we interviewed was great, but we just didn’t think they would fit into the team culture”.  Culture fit.  Anyone who has worked within HR, Recruitment or the hiring landscape in general has been on the receiving end …
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Affinity 2020 – A Year in Review

 2020 has certainly been a unique year in history. Covid-19 has re-established how the world interacts and in the Cayman Islands, closed borders have meant a totally different way of life for residents and tourists alike. It would be …
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