Are you ready to take the plunge into the Cayman Waters? Take a look at our advice section, we have aimed to cover the most important factors!

Moving to the Cayman Islands, or moving jobs if you already live and work here, is a big decision. The Affinity Recruitment team will help guide you in your decision-making and provide the right opportunities for career progression. If you are looking to make a move, take into

  • Do your homework. Understand the local job market fully by researching the types of firms and roles available that you would like to apply for. The Cayman Islands financial industry is quite specific here, so you will need the right skills to get the perfect job. In fact, the pre-requisite for people seeking jobs from outside the Cayman Islands is controlled via the Immigration Laws of the Cayman Islands and the work permit process is a big part of the transition.
  • Update your CV/resume. Ensure that your profile and skills are presented in the best way possible, outlining in simple terms why you are employable. The Affinity team will successfully identify and highlight your specific skills. If you think you want to move into a particular role, perhaps look at supporting this with some up to date training to enhance your experience. Make sure you have the appropriate qualifications for the job you want – to apply for a role in Cayman, you have to be appropriately trained and have significant experience.
  • Make sure you want to move. Before embarking on the process of applying to work in the Cayman Islands, you must be sure that this is the right decision for you. The Cayman Resident magazine, covers everything you need to know to relocate– if you are unsure, have a read through to ensure you are taking into consideration all aspects of the potential move. If you have a family, it is essential you know everything there is to know about the Cayman Islands before you engage with a potential employer. A few things to consider are the distance from extended family, the cost of living and education requirements if you have children.
  • Explore the culture. Living in the Caribbean is a culture change for most expats. Whilst Cayman is an extremely friendly and multi-cultural country, you should still do some digging on what it’s like here. Cayman is very much a Caribbean Island, rich in culture and heritage, so research carefully, get informed and make sure your personal values etc can work in tandem with these wonderful islands.
  • Jump with both feet! There is quite a bit to organize before moving to the Cayman Islands to start your perfect job. You need to make sure you are ready to commit to this side of the move, it can be a little stressful but preparation is key and will enable a smooth transition. The Affinity Recruitment team are here to help and have a wealth of knowledge about relocating. Most companies also have an extensive support network for new employees.

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