If you are relocating to Cayman with young ones and furry friends, our wise words of advice are likely to make the transition smoother.

Living and working in the Cayman Islands is a fantastic opportunity for families, young and old! The Cayman Islands is known for it’s family friendly attitude and everywhere you go, whether it’s the super market or restaurants, kids are welcomed with a smile and genuinely ‘pleased to see you’ attitude. It’s refreshing as a parent and a fantastic environment to bring your children up in.

The ‘move’ takes a lot more consideration when you come as a unit rather than a single person though. Affinity is seasoned at helping you make the move, ensuring you and your family are well informed, before you get on the plane with your sunscreen and beach towels packed. We have included some key things to know here. You can find a great breakdown on everything you need to know about moving on the
Cayman New Resident site.


Although most countries have similar vaccination schedules, they do differ. It is well worth double-checking that your children are up to date on everything required by the Cayman Islands Government, especially for younger children in the midst of receiving their vaccinations. Nurseries and schools will ask for an up to date vaccination card. You can find out more via Cayman Islands Public Health. It’s also worth checking what you might miss by moving, as vaccination schedules differ in timing across the world.

If you have young children or may need some help in the home or with childcare, Cayman has an excellent domestic helper and nanny workforce. You can either hire through an agency or directly. The latter has some work permit implications so through an agency might be best whilst you find your feet or talk to Affinity Recruitment about what taking on a work permit means (we are experts in this field!). Finding the right person for your family is the biggest challenge and a very personal choice – luckily this is quite common practice so once you arrive on island, you will be able to get good advice via work colleagues and the new friends that you will meet in abundance!

There are an abundance of good quality nurseries in the Cayman Islands. Facilities take children from 3 months old and a variety of types of nursery are available. Some nurseries go right through to school age. Pre-school nurseries are a little more of a premium in Cayman, as are schools, (the legal age to attend is 5 years old – home schooling is uncommon but can be done). So, having a plan is essential if you have school age children.

The schooling system in the Cayman Islands is based on the UK education system with some schools offering the USA system. Private schools do differ a range of systems though, including the Baccalaureate and Montessori methodologies. Bringing your school age children to Cayman is a big consideration, as you must make sure they can be enrolled in the right school – taking into account both the type of education and the cost.

There are excellent after school clubs and school vacation clubs too, Cayman is well set up to support parents who work or travel. The benefits of the tropical climate is sport in particular is very popular and includes a range of options, including paddle boarding, rugby, tennis, squash, horseback riding and of course, swimming!

If your child needs specialist support with learning, development or a disability, it is well worth investigating what is available locally. There are some excellent private organizations in Cayman to support children who need a bit more attention in specific areas. However the island is limited in comparison to the USA or the UK, so having your expectations met before the big move is recommended.

Yes, they are often an essential part of the family! Moving animals to Cayman involves some planning. The Cayman Islands are free from rabies, so this is the main consideration. To avoid quarantine, you must be up to date on all your pet vaccinations, most specifically rabies so please plan ahead and consult your vet as soon as you think about moving.

Cayman is very pet friendly, dogs in particular are part of the beach scene and there are plenty of amazing walks around the Cayman Islands to keep our four-legged friends happy. There is an animal shelter on island, so if you do want a pet, then consider adopting, they have some amazing animals and they often have kittens or puppies too.

Horse back riding is a growing sport in Cayman. There are several exceptional horse riding centres, whether you are serious about your dressage and jumping or want to have a more ‘beach ride’ approach to your horses, Cayman has a budding equine community and people often bring their horses with them too! If this is a consideration for you, reach out to one of the Cayman Riding Schools well in advance as they are very experienced about horse travel to and from Cayman.

When taking up residence in the Cayman Islands, personal belongings moved within your first six months of residence are not subject to duty, with the following provisions:

All items imported are used personal belongings that are over 6 months old, including computers, household goods and furniture (proof of purchase date may be required if in question).

Vehicles, alcohol, and tobacco are not exempt.

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