The Cayman Islands is home to the World’s 5th largest financial centre. Cayman’s financial industry is world-leading for offshore hedge fund investment, the world’s second largest captive insurance centre and is a world leader in structured finance. To facilitate Cayman’s position as one of the best and most multi-faceted international financial centres, there are a plethora of law and accountancy firms supporting the financial services industry here. Whilst the Cayman Islands is probably best known for being tax neutral, investing here has significantly more depth to it than tax. The political system is stable which in turns results in a stable economy. There is a well-regulated financial infrastructure in Cayman, so operating as a professional here is well respected. More importantly,for a professional considering a move here, Cayman is business friendly and growing in terms of international investment and business opportunity. So not only is Cayman a fantastic place to live, it’s also a thriving business metropolis.

Essentially, moving to paradise can also further your career progression. The big 4 accountants have been operating out of the Cayman Islands for decades and there are a range of excellent law firms. Whether you are looking to work for one of the multi-national firms or a local boutique firm, there is plenty to choose from and Affinity Recruitment has the best contacts in the industry.

The Cayman Islands follow the UK/English law framework but firms welcome candidates from multiple jurisdictions. Half the jobs in the Cayman Islands support the financial services industry, partnered by Cayman’s other big economic pillar, tourism. The two provide an energetic and sociable working and living environment that is hard to beat. There is no commute,there is no tube or train journey, even when you work a long day, the calm, turquoise ocean is minutes away. The benefit of being in the Caribbean, on a small island full to the brim with excellent eateries, outdoor activities and fresh ocean air,adds a quality of life that is unachievable in other financial centres. Networking and professional socializing is easy to accomplish here too, as Cayman’s high-end restaurant/bar scene offers the perfect backdrop to working after hours. Cayman is therefore unique from this aspect, combining all elements of life on itsbeautiful shores.