Running certain parts of a business can be exceptionally stressful and time consuming. Let Affinity Cayman lighten the load with its Payroll and Administration Services.

As the costs of running a business continue to increase, overhead and permanent staffing can become a burden, especially for small businesses. One of the core expectations your employees have is to be paid correctly and on time, so it is important to get it right. Payroll is often a job that requires skill and administrative knowledge but does not warrant a full-time employee. There are legal requirements for businesses in the Cayman Islands to pay the correct benefits, especially pension and healthcare contributions. So, the need for efficient payroll and benefit administration each month goes beyond keeping your staff happy. If you have temporary or seasonal staff or hire staff who already have primary jobs, the benefit administration waters can get muddied. It is essential therefore that these needs are met professionally but often companies cannot hire a staff member specifically (or solely) for payroll and benefit administration.

Affinity can undertake the burden of administering and processing payroll and benefits, pension contributions and medical insurance on your behalf. Outsourcing administrative tasks such as payroll and benefits administration can reduce time and financial costs for our clients. Whether you are a small business or large organization, we can offer a simple solution or a fully managed payroll outsourcing service. We can provide flexible support that suits the needs of your business, regardless of whether you pay your team weekly, monthly or bi-weekly payroll. We can also submit your paperwork to the relevant health and pension contacts, keeping you up to date with all your legally required personnel tasks. We can also provide pay slips, calculate holiday payments and sick pay, helping you to manage your largest asset, your people.

We’d be delighted to show you how your company can start enjoying the benefits of an outsourced payroll service and allow you to better focus on your core business, whilst giving you the security that your company is compliant with the required benefit provision for your staff. Contact our office to speak with our knowledgeable team and we can quickly identify how much time you need from one of our administrative professionals.