Cayman Professionals First

Affinity Cayman is passionate about helping Caymanian talent shine. Sign up to learn more about our Cayman Professionals First program, and let us assist you in fulfilling your true potential.

Affinity Recruitment prides itself in supporting Caymanian professionals looking to move companies or progress their career. Our first priority is to place local jobs with local people. We do this by maintaining contact with key industry professionals and young professionals looking to take the next career step, keeping CVs current in our system and by ensuring the communication flows from us to potential job candidates and vice versa. We have a solid history in supporting our local workforce and partner exceptional companies, fostering a commitment to Cayman’s local economy proactively.

The Affinity Recruitment team actively seek ideal candidates for senior and upper management positions, mainly within the financial services industry but also within a range of sectors including tourism, engineering and IT. Our Affinity programme called Cayman Professionals’ First, is to complement our local head-hunting activity.

Affinity Recruitment’s Cayman Professionals First programme is a basic yet effective tool for ensuring we place the right local people in the right positions. Only if there isn’t an available local candidate do we then widen the recruitment net.

I have now started work in my new job which Mike kindly assisted me in obtaining, and everything has been lovely so far.

During my onboarding process from the time I first met with Mike at Affinity up until the time I had been accepted and started work in my new role, I was very pleased with the service I obtained from him. He made sure to stay in touch and kept me continuously updated along the way. Even though he had to travel during the onboarding process, he made sure that I was taken care of in his absence.

It was indeed a pleasure working with Affinity to secure my new position. Right from the beginning his approach was courteous and professional and for this I will always be grateful.

Jennifer Rankine
Financial Services Professional

The premise of the programme is based on a higher level of interaction with local professionals, via increased contact and dialogue. Simply, Affinity encourages suitable Caymanians to engage with us, whether you are looking for a new role now or will potentially be seeking a move in the future. All you have to do is:

1) Sign-up to our programme newsletter. You will receive hot jobs before we release them to anyone else. You will be asked a few basic questions to make sure you are relevant to the programme.

2) Speak to one of our consultants for an initial screening. This ensures we know all about you, so when a position in a relevant company comes up, we can place you speedily.

3) Keep us up to date. This is the key to the programme really. Keep us up to date on your career requirements and progression. If you obtain new skills or would consider a lateral move into a new business area etc, we need to know. Whatever your career aspirations are, Affinity Recruitment will partner you in finding your next big move.

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