Wellness at work – Tips on staying healthy and happy in the workplace.

We all know that we must skip those sugar filled snacks, take a walk during lunch and drink more water, but here are some less obvious things that you can do to sneak in a little wellness into your day.

Wash your hands often and keep your desk clean. This will prevent germs from spreading, and ultimately, noses from running. Keep hand sanitizer and clean wipes in your desk if a sink is far from reach.

Go ahead and snack! Healthy snacks like almonds, carrot sticks, dried fruit and even cheese will help you stay alert. Having a little snack every couple of hours will help prevent your blood sugar from dropping and grabbing the nearest treat. So stay away from those tempting foods.

Move it! Stretching, leg lifts under your desk, squats, wall sits, walking over to your co-workers desk instead of emailing; all of these are great ways to keep moving throughout the day. Schedule an alert in your calendar to remind you to move out of your chair.

Laugh out loud. Laughter produces endorphins, which stimulate the brain and makes us feel good. If you are having a particularly stressful day, find a friend or colleague to tell you a joke. You can also start a “laugh of the day” email by curating your favorite cartoons or videos and sharing them with colleagues (with management’s permission of course, and please keep the content clean).

It’s late afternoon and you are feeling sluggish? Forgo the latte. Take 2 minutes, close your eyes and focus on your breath while you empty your mind of all thoughts. A few minutes of deep breathing and mind clearing will help with managing stress and give you a boost to finish your day. Meditation also helps with creativity and productivity.

Encourage your colleagues, because having a buddy system is great motivation!

If you have any other wellness-at-work tips please share, we would love to hear how you keep your work environment fit and healthy.

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