Top Mistakes that are costing you the job

Have you been job hunting without much success?

Perhaps you’ve made the following blunders.

  1. Using the following sentences in your cover letter:

    “I think”, “I feel”, “I believe”
    Don’t use these opinion phrases, they make you sound insecure.

    “I seek a role that will challenge me and compensate me adequately…”
    Do not put your needs first. Instead indicate where you could contribute to the organization.

    “Although I don’t have much experience in…”
    Don’t emphasize your shortcomings; instead, highlight your skills and industry knowledge.

  2. Your online presence:

    Google yourself and make sure that nothing comes up that you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.

    Demonstrate your professional expertise – publish a blog or post on LinkedIn.

    Your picture – make it a professional one on ALL of your social media accounts.

  3. Your interview style:

    Showing up late, not dressing for the part or looking messy, and checking your phone: all of these will cost you the job.

    Poor body language: make sure you’re making eye contact, sit up straight and don’t fidget, this will show that you’re engaged in the conversation.

    Complaining about a former boss or organization. This will make you seem petty and will leave the interviewer wondering what you will say about their firm in the future. Exude positivity and sell yourself as an exemplary employee.

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