The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Immigration Needs

The Cayman Islands Government, via the Premier Alden McLaughlin openly discussed the virtues of the diversity of Cayman’s residents in June 2018,additionally highlighting the Country’s population increase by 70% over the last 20 years. Whilst the government is open about the need for expat workers to support the economy, particularly in the financial services sector, the Cayman Islands infrastructure is straining under this population increase. This strain has had a natural rebound effect on the local Immigration policy, as entry to Cayman has become tighter and more robust.

The Immigration situation in the Cayman Islands is therefore under pressure and for all companies that deal with the work permit process on a regular basis, who have worked through the many changes in Immigration law and practice, it comes as no surprise that a systematic shift to simpler immigration is NOT expected any time soon.

A new trend in response to the increased strain is the outsourcing of immigration management within the workplace. As the process becomes more complicated (or perhaps less clear), the time and effort that can be spent on immigration issues is increasing. Companies like Affinity Recruitment are opening up their services on Immigration as an additional ‘product’ for clients, to reduce complexity, save time and ensure the recruitment process runs smoothly.

According to a global survey conducted by Deloitte, outsourcing has been on the increase globally, hitting a new high in 2016. As a result, the natural move by local companies such as Affinity Recruitment to increase their outsourcing services, is both on trend and in line with global movement. The Deloitte Team summarized that outsourcing has a range of benefits, in addition to the cost savings of paying for a resource on a contract/need only basis. The key outcomes of outsourcing highlighted included improved strategic flexibility and improved contract delivery, exceeding the scope of the original contract (when relationships are well managed).

Whilst the survey addresses outsourcing methods such as using cloud and systems management tech, when taken into context with the local Cayman Islands immigration, the required knowledge and understanding of the laws, plus the navigating of muddied waters, this can only be done by an actual human team at Affinity Recruitment have found an increasing demand for their seasoned approach to immigration as more and more companies turn to outsourcing as the ideal solution for this crucial business service.