3 ways to get your job application noticed

Ever wondered why you never hear back from recruiters or hiring managers? Would you like to at least get a response or even feedback on your application? Then perhaps consider taking these 3 steps, you might just get a bite.

Go ahead and use the “apply button”, but also take the time to write a personalized email to the recruiter/hiring manager

Nothing says ‘I can’t be bothered’ like sending in a job application without acknowledging the recipient. It’s not enough to simply attach your cover letter and CV to an email with nothing else but a subject line. Take the time to introduce yourself and to thank the recipient for their time and consideration of your application. You don’t need to write much, just a couple of lines, enough to show the reader that you are truly interested in the role.

Start from scratch

Take the time to write a brand new resume that is specifically tailored to the role. The company is trying to fill a need, keep that in mind and customize both your CV and Cover Letter demonstrating how your education and experience will fill that need. Starting from scratch my feel like daunting task, but once you get started, you will quickly realize how your expertise really is a great fit. Pretend that you are writing a proposal, take a step back and look at the ad from their perspective, then look at what you can offer, and sell it!

Get introduced

Use your network of friends, family and colleagues to get a referral at the company that you are applying to. The fastest road to the interview is through a personal connection. LinkedIn and Facebook are great online tools that can connect you to the right individual. Follow the company news, comment and offer your expertise when appropriate. Use LinkedIn to showcase your work and to get endorsed for the key skills the company is looking for – the easiest way to get endorsements and recommendations is by reciprocating!


Remember, you are dealing with people, and people like to know that they will be working with a diligent and considerate individual. If you cut corners in the job application process, it’s a clear indication of your future work ethic. Imagine that the action of applying to the role is your very first assignment, so go ahead, and blow their socks off!

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