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Is the Cayman Islands the best place to live in the Caribbean right now?

The Cayman Islands is well known for its financial services industry, yet there is more to Cayman than a world-class international financial centre. The Cayman Islands’ second economic pillar is seeing unprecedented growth in spend, as the Islands continue to …
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Maintaining Your Social Media Profile for Recruitment Purposes

You are thinking about leaving your job and you are also thinking about a potential move to the Cayman Islands, not only to fulfill your career aspirations by working in the world’s 4th largest financial center but to make living …
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What you really need to know about the Cayman Islands Finance Sector

The Cayman Islands is home to the World’s 6th largest international financial centre (IFC), holding pole position as the offshore hedge funds domicile, globally. Cayman also hosts the world’s second largest captive insurance centre and is a world leader in …
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Affinity Recruitment Partners with JTF Recruitment Consultants Inc (Toronto Canada)

Affinity Recruitment is proud to announce that as of September 2018, we have partnered with JTF Recruitment Consultants Inc in order to provide our clients and candidates with additional opportunities. JTF Recruitment Consultants Inc specializes in the recruitment, counseling, and …
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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Immigration Needs

The Cayman Islands Government, via the Premier Alden McLaughlin openly discussed the virtues of the diversity of Cayman’s residents in June 2018,additionally highlighting the Country’s population increase by 70% over the last 20 years. Whilst the government is open about …
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