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Job Summary:


The Practice Manager will be responsible for overseeing client care, operations, and strategic management. Directly manages administrative team, collaborates with management, and represents the practice at events.

Key duties include HR management, resource optimization, client service access, staff training, corporate wellness services, communication, and confidentiality.


Key Responsibilities:


·         HR Management: Lead administrative staff, manage performance, benefits, onboarding/offboarding, and HR policies.

·         Resource Optimization: Manage finances, office supplies, IT resources, and technology for client benefit.

·         Client Service Access: Ensure adequate appointments, plan for staff absence, review access regularly, and ensure services meet standards.

·         Staff Training: Provide training opportunities, support professional development, and encourage learning.

·         Corporate Wellness Services: Promote services, oversee contracts, and coordinate service delivery.

·         Communication and Collaboration: Ensure effective communication, lead meetings, and make decisions based on consultation and evidence.

·         Confidentiality: Maintain confidentiality of client, staff, and business information, ensure compliance with policies and legislation.

·         Supervision Responsibilities: Directly supervise administrative team.

·         Budgetary Responsibilities: Direct responsibility for practice budget under finance team oversight.



·         Bachelor’s degree in business, HR, or related field.

·         5+ years experience in medical administration/management.

·         Strong written and oral communication skills.

·         Experience with HR and medical practice online platforms.


The ability to join the team in a short timescale would be a bonus!
































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