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Recruitment Solutions in Cayman
Frequent changes and refinements in Immigration requirements in the Cayman Islands mean “getting it right the first time” can be challenging and getting it wrong can become an issue both for your company and your new recruit. At Affinity, we leave no open questions or missing relevant information to obtain successful results with all submitted applications. Affinity Recruitment draws on more than 20 years of direct experience and well-forged relationships within the business community and the Cayman Islands Immigration Department. Our vast experience has led us to deal with a wide range of immigration matters and we confidently handle the majority of our client’s immigration needs in tandem with their recruitment requirements.

The team at Affinity is well versed in the details and requirements of the various different work permits and job categories. We can make sure the company and the successful candidate are prepared for the immigration process. Sometimes it’s as simple as making sure you fill in the right forms and submit the relevant supporting evidence correctly. We manage the entire process on your behalf including preparing the necessary advertisements, completing work permit application forms and providing a cover letter. The reason Affinity has become proficient in handling corporate immigration applications is simple – the process goes hand in hand with recruitment. As the immigration law continues to evolve, our role becomes more prevalent. We keep you updated on the progress by monitoring the application once submitted. We also provide passport endorsements and annual reminders for upcoming expirations. Should it become necessary, we are also available to assist with problem resolution and formal processes of appeals with the Immigration Department.

We are pleased to tailor our service to meet our clients’ needs. As a full-service recruitment agency, we see the immigration process as an integral element of the recruitment process. We handle all the immigration applications personally and have the end goal in site, including identifying any immigration issues with new candidates right from the start. Affinity has a simple, clear objective, to ensure your company gets the right person for the job, as smoothly, timely and cost efficiently as possible.