Affinity Recruitment is regularly looking for candidates for a diverse range of interesting, temporary business assignments, varying in duration. Cayman has a strong market for Temp staff particularly for the following Cayman jobs:

  • Executive Assistants
  • Legal and Executive Secretaries
  • Fund and Trust Administrators
  • Administrative Support
  • Accountants

Temp jobs offer the ideal opportunity for an employee to gain experience at a firm which can then lead to a permanent placement. By nature, your temp assignment allows you to assimilate into the Cayman business community without committing to a new employer in a new location. Working as a temp is the most efficient way to gain employment in the Cayman Islands.

A Temp contract means you are part of the Affinity Cayman staffing group. We apply for your permit and pay your salary and benefits (see below), so the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Affinity’s Temp option is well used and well supported by a number of high profile companies on island. This solution can be the perfect preliminary step before committing to a long-term career in the Cayman Islands. Temp roles can vary from specific projects, maternity cover to a temporary role before the job becomes permanent. Your reasons for being one of Affinity Cayman’s Temps can therefore be varied – the best way to find out how flexible we are or need you to be is to get in touch with one of our recruitment specialists today. We have a list of the most sought employees on our permanent jobs page, including the expected/required minimal qualifications needed.

Our recruitment process includes a thorough interview, aptitude testing and reference verification process. Yes, we can complete all this without you being on island! Affinity Cayman’s high standard approach enables us to select the best candidates and ultimately place the highest caliber staff with employers. Once registered with Affinity, we provide competitive benefits and cover the cost of work permit fees, medical insurance, pension contribution, vacation, sick and public holiday pay for all our temporary support staff. The best bit about being a Temp? You can work with one of our consultants to find the right role or roles for you.