Moving & working in Cayman

All non-residents who plan to live and work in the Cayman Islands need a Work Permit. Prior to an employee arriving in the Cayman Islands, the prospective employer must apply to the Cayman Islands Immigration Department for a work permit on the employee’s behalf. The Immigration Department reviews all applications from companies and individuals who are seeking permission to work in the Cayman Islands. It is necessary for an expatriate worker to provide the employer with certain documentation to be included in the application, but it is the financial obligation of the employer to pay for all work permit and immigration related fees. It’s important to note that a prospective employee may not reside in the Cayman Islands when the application is submitted.

Work permits come in various forms, including temporary, seasonal and GOL, which is a yearly permit and is awarded from 1 to 3 years at a time. Affinity will be able to advise candidates which type of permit will be applicable for the role they are applying for. Please see our FAQ pages about some of the requirements to be completed when applying for a permit and more information about dependents such as spouses or children moving to the Cayman Islands with you.

Affinity has developed a good and trusted working relationship with the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration over the course of many years. Through extensive successful work on behalf of our clients, we have a good grasp of the technical issues, operating methods and process work flows of the Department of Immigration. Frequent changes and refinements within Immigration means “getting it right the first time” means keeping up with the changes in the process and making sure all the right documentation is submitted. At Affinity we undertake all necessary administration and processing to ensure the timely and accurate completion of all required employee work permits. From working with the applicant to gather the necessary documentation, to obtaining the necessary work permit stamp upon permit approval. We are well versed in the details and requirements of the various different work permits and job categories, we manage the entire process.

If you have decided to move to the Cayman Islands we suggest you visit the Department of Immigration site at and also the website both provide a wealth of information on making a move to and working in the Cayman Islands.