How to tell a great recruiter from a bad one

How to tell a great recruiter from a bad one

Is your recruiter a great listener? Their ability to listen to the details of a position gives them a better understating of a role, which ultimately leads to finding the IDEAL candidate. How can you tell? They can confidently discuss the requirements of a role and they let the candidate, or client, do the talking. A great recruiter talks 20% of the time and listens 80% of the time – because it’s never about them.

Do they market themselves in a professional manner? Do they have a professional email signature? Are they active on LinkedIn and other social media channels? Also, how your recruiter communicates can say a lot about their reputation. Do they return your calls and/or emails? Do they have a polite disposition? Even if they are having a bad day, a good recruiter will always be inviting and courteous.

Tech savvy? A recruiter who understands and uses modern recruiting tools will spend more time actually recruiting. The industry has come a long way, a stellar recruiter will know where to find candidates – online, via twitter or LinkedIn for example. They will also be using modern communication tools such as, email! A poor recruiter will still be using the ol’ fax machine to send you job postings.

Do they think long term? Even if a candidate didn’t get the role, a great recruiter will still leave them feeling good about the company – you never know when you might want to consider them again.

Do they have a proactive approach? Do they reach out by any means, even cold calling? Do they investigate your experience in a way that makes them understand exactly what your strengths are? A recruiter is not necessarily an expert in your field, so they should become more familiar with your industry; this way they will be able to identify an opportunity, even if its seems obscure.

Multitasker? An organized recruiter can keep the many positions they are managing under close control so that when the opportunity arises, they are ready to strike! Many rock star recruiters have impeccable memories, giving them an edge when it means finding an immediate placement.

People person? Customer service is an essential part of a recruiter’s role. Strong customer service skills encompass several qualities such as, being detail-oriented, strong communication skills, honesty, FOLLOW UP, and of course friendliness.

Are they determined? A recruiter should never become complacent and always be looking for ways to keep their pipeline flowing. Even if they don’t have a role on the books for you right now, they should keep your details on file and keep an eye out for any suitable positions.

Lastly, a great recruiter understands the importance of relationships. It’s not only about the money, it’s about doing the right thing for both the hiring company and the candidate. A recruiter who simply throws whatever might stick, is one who isn’t invested in the success of their firm, their clients nor their candidates.

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