Finding the perfect job

The old adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’ who you know’ is especially relevant when finding a job in the Cayman Islands. Cayman has a close-knit, often transient and buoyant professional community. The financial services industry is the biggest employer and new recruits are continually being sought by world-leading companies.

So surely it’s easy to find the perfect job in Cayman?

Well, yes, it is, as long as you know the right people. And if you don’t, you need someone who does, to represent you. But first, have a good look at what you are bringing to the workforce. Whether you are an expat or local Caymanian looking to make the next move up the career ladder, the most important aspect of finding the perfect job is making sure you are qualified… or maybe now is the time to see how you can improve your qualifications to enhance your work experience. This sounds simple but take a look at what you want, how much you want to earn, where you want to be in the future and then double check you have the right credentials. Especially if you are an expat looking to move to Cayman (or move roles), experience is simply not enough… you need the proven skills to back you up.

Next, make sure your CV accurately depicts who you are and what you have achieved. For middle to senior managers, getting this aspect of your CV is so important – you may have just tweaked your CV over many years, adding a few lines here and there… so now is probably time for a complete overhaul.Make it look beautiful for a start, make a good impression from the get-go and if you can’t get someone who can!

Finally, get in touch with someone at Affinity to talk to you about roles that suit you and what you really want to achieve. Yes, jobs are advertised in the paper or online but beware the immigration process in the Cayman Islands which means all work permit grants and renewals need to be advertised… unless you are a Caymanian, a lot of these roles are already filled and only being advertised as part of the legally required immigration process. The recruitment teams also work closely with employers to fill upcoming roles, long before the descriptions appear in the traditional advertising streams. If you are looking to move laterally or into a different market with relevant transferable skills, this is where the recruitment process really can help you find the perfect job – before you are presented to an employer, you will have been interviewed and all your background checks complete, so potential employers are likely to listen to a trusted recruitment partner who thinks their candidate has what it takes to fill the job, in a situation when a CV just might not get cut-through.

The best bit about modern technology is remote interviews are so easy – so finding the right job when you aren’t currently in the Cayman Islands is facilitated by being able to talk (often multiple times) to your potential new employer. This is so important – it’s as crucial for you as it is for the employer to get the right fit…

Contact the Affinity Recruitment team today to get your interview set up or check out the most recent jobs.