Marsha Thompson

When I first called Affinity, I was impressed with the professional, courteous and friendly manner in which I was greeted by the telephone attendant. Based on my experience with other companies, this not only sounded too good to be true, but it gave me the encouragement to meet their representative to further discuss my staffing needs.

After meeting with the company representative, I left with the feeling that my staffing needs would be taken into consideration. The attendant was not only diligent and businesslike in her approach, but she was honestly willing to assist me and was dedicated and committed to the well being of her clients.

Based on my initial positive experience and having worked with the company, I take great pride in personally recommending the company to anyone seeking employment, or any business wanting to recruit the right staff for its organization. I am confident that Affinity, through its professional and dedicated staff will choose the right candidates for the job.

I will encourage every individual or company to contact Affinity before looking elsewhere as it stands tall above the rest of recruiting companies.