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Frequently Asked Questions

1What types of vacancies do Affinity recruit for?
At Affinity Recruitment we focus on recruiting within the accounting, finance, funds and trusts, legal, insurance and corporate services industries. The majority of our vacancies are senior or specialist positions which require a professional designation and 3+ years’ PQE. We also occasionally deal with senior level opportunities within the hospitality and engineering sectors.
2What’s the benefit of using a recruitment agency such as Affinity?
As a job seeker, our service is completely free of charge. Our aim is to gain a thorough understanding of the type of job opportunity you are looking for, and match your skillset and career goals to our clients’ vacancies. We work with a range of well-established organizations in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, varying from small start-ups to family businesses to large corporate firms. As experienced Recruiters, we can also give you career advice, resume tips and support in preparing for interviews. With our strong relationships with local businesses, we can be proactive in helping to find the perfect new position for you!
3How do I become one of Affinity’s potential candidates?
If you are looking to move to the Cayman Islands or see a job advertised that you are interested in, please email us your CV and we will get in contact for a phone interview. Even if we don’t have the perfect job for you at the moment, we keep a contact list in place so we can recruit quickly when new jobs become available. So get in touch.
4How does Affinity conduct interviews with people outside of Cayman?
We are used to managing the interview process from multiple countries. Whilst this may seem like a fairly alien concept to some people, the use of Skype as a communications tool has opened many doors for the recruitment process. As part of the Affinity screening process, we conduct interviews online and/or on the phone, unless you happen to be in Cayman to meet. Many of our clients have offices in multiple jurisdictions too, so you may have a face-to-face meeting in your home country, after completing successful skype interviews. The process varies for each company but we will be able to explain more when you become involved in a specific process.
5Can my family, wife/husband or partner move to the Cayman Islands with me?
Essentially yes. Your dependents must be your spouse or children (girlfriends or boyfriends aren’t allowed as dependents). Your employer will need to approve paying for dependents to join you, as there is an additional permit cost. Immigration also advise that the permit holder needs to be earning more than $3,000-$3,500 to be able to support one dependent and significantly more to support additional dependents. It is worth noting that your children will have to attend private school here too, so you must factor that into this cost. The ‘New Resident’ covers this information in great detail.
6What is the healthcare like in the Cayman Islands?
There is a private health care system operating in the Cayman Islands and most medical issues can be handled locally with a range of excellent consultants available on island. The local hospital and brand new Health City have good reputations and in comparison to other Caribbean countries, the facilities are outstanding! Health insurance will need to be discussed as part of your benefits package with your new employer.
7The Cayman Islands is taxfree, are there other costs or taxes?
Although your salary is tax free, living on an island with a limited population means living expenses are high. So be prepared for increased utility bills, groceries and travel expenses. There are two key costs that you will have to pay as an employee in the Cayman Islands – health care insurance and a 10% (5% personal, 5% employer) pension contribution. Both of these costs are a legal requirement.
8What are the most useful sites when doing my research into moving to, living & working in the Cayman Islands?
The following links will help when researching your relocation to Cayman:

  • Our website has some excellent tips, advice and useful information on the ‘work in Cayman’ pages.
  • http://www.caymannewresident.com - A great website with a wealth of information on relocating to Cayman, things to do here and advice regarding your big move! They also publish a magazine called ‘The Cayman Resident magazine’ which is a must-have when you move to island!
  • http://www.gov.ky – Information provided by Government on everything you need to know about obtaining and work permit and immigration requirements.
  • http://www.ecaytrade.com - A website for Cayman Islands Free Classifieds, including community events, items for sale and property listings.

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